Edelbrock Super Victor Carbureted 4-bbl Square LS Intake Manifold LS3

$439.99 $400.95

Brand Edelbrock
SKU: 28457

Chevy LS Victor Jr.

Victor Jr. LS Intake Manifold

  • Gen IV LS Engines with LS3/L92 Heads
  • 3500-7500 RPM
  • 4-bbl square bore carb flange
  • Intake only

    Designed for Gen IV LS engines equipped with L92 cylinder heads, this manifold is intended for EFI racing applications operating between 3,500 - 7,500 rpm. This manifold uses a standard square-bore carb flange that is compatible with both Edelbrock EFI intake elbows and throttle body or four-barrel throttle bodies. L92 heads are only compatible with a 4.00" and larger bore diameters; smaller bores (including most 5.7L blocks) will require valve reliefs cut into the block.

  • Uses LS3/L76/L92-style individual port O-ring seals
  • Recommended intake gasket; Chevrolet Performance 809-19256623
  • Carb pad height = 7.40'' measured from valley cover
  • Intake manifold only


  • Specifications:

    RPM Range: 3500-7500
    Number Of Carbs: One
    Emission: Without EGR
    Engine Make/Size: Chevy Small Block LS1
    Cylinder Head Type: Standard
    Usage: Racing
    Position: N/A
    EGR: Without EGR
    Basic Operating RPM Range: 3,500-7,500
    Carburetor Quantity: One
    Engine Block Style: Stock/OEM standard deck
    Intake Finish: Natural
    Intake Material: Aluminum
    Intake Section Included: Complete
    Intake Style: Single plane
    Quantity: Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number: 28457

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