Edelbrock Super Victor Carbureted 4150 Series LS Intake Manifold LS3

$489.99 $450.95

Brand Edelbrock
SKU: 2826

Chevy LS Super Victor

Super Victor LS Intake Manifold

  • GM GEN IV LS3/L92
  • Rectangle Port
  • 3500-7500 RPM Range
  • Carbureted for 4150 Series Carbs

    The Super Victor LS3 manifold is designed for Gen IV LS engines equipped with LS3/L92 cylinder heads. It's ideal for any large displacement, 700+ hp, racing engine, running an carbureted system. When tested on the new 410 c.i.d. engine, the Super Victor LS# prototype made 750 hp @ 7,500 rpm for an improvement of 24 hp over the competitors.


    • 24% larger runners than Edelbrock Victor Jr. p/n 350-28457
    • Features a 4150 Series carburetor pad
    • The large plenum makes these intake manifolds ideal for nitrous and forced induction
    • Tapered runners allow for increased flow at high rpm
    • Can accommodate bores up 2.25"


    RPM Range: 3500-7500
    Number Of Carbs: One
    Emission: Without EGR
    Usage: Racing
    Position: N/A
    Engine Make/Size: Chevy LS3/L92
    Cylinder Head Type: LS3/L92
    Manufacturer's Part Number: 2826

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