Edelbrock Super Victor LS1 Intake Manifold

$489.99 $438.95

Brand Edelbrock
SKU: 28097

Chevy LS Super Victor

  • GM Gen III LS
  • 4-bbl Square-Bore Carburetor Flange
  • Cathedral Port
  • 3500-8000 RPM Range
  • Intake only

    Building on the success of the Victor Jr. LS1 manifold, the Super Victor LS1 offers greater air flow potential for ever bigger power gains from these modern engines. This manifold has already been accepted by NASCAR for use in the Grand National division/Busch North spec engine series.

    Installation Notes
  • Port Exit Dimensions: 1.08" Wide x 2.74" Tall
  • Uses LS1/LS6-style individual port O-ring seals
  • Recommended intake gasket; Fel-Pro 375-1312-3
  • Manifold Height: (A) 6.07'', (B) 6.07''; Carb pad height = 6.07'' this is 1.12" taller than the Victor Jr. LS1!
  • Intake manifold only
  • Use timing control module 350-91238 with LS1 24x reluctor wheel(crank trigger) applications only
  • LS1(24x) applications can be identified by the rear mounted cam position sensor that is black in color
  • LS2 applications with 58x reluctor wheel(crank trigger) use MSD ignition controller 121-6012
  • LS2(58x)applications can be identified by the timing cover mounted cam position sensor that is grey in color


  • Specifications:

    RPM Range- 3500-8000
    Number Of Carbs- One
    Emission- Without EGR
    Engine Make/Size- Chevy Small Block LS1
    Cylinder Head Type- Standard
    Usage- Racing
    Position- N/A
    EGR- Without EGR
    Basic Operating RPM Range- 3,500-8,000
    Carburetor Quantity- One
    Engine Block Style- Stock/OEM standard deck
    Intake Finish- Natural
    Intake Manifold Height (in.)- 6.07
    Intake Material- Aluminum
    Intake Section Included- Complete
    Intake Style- Single plane
    Quantity- Sold individually
    Manufacturer's Part Number- 28097

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