Edelbrock Super Victor LS7 EFI Dominator Flange Intake Manifold

$599.99 $550.95

Brand Edelbrock
SKU: 28905

Chevy LS Victor EFI


These manifolds are designed for Gen IV LS engines equipped with LS7 cylinder heads or Edelbrock Pro-Port Victor Jr. cylinder heads. These manifolds are .75" taller than our LS3 Super Victor intakes. The new Super Victor intake manifold #28875 is capable of airflow demands of 750+ hp on naturally aspirated engines. The larger plenum version #28905 for 4500 Series flange throttle body has an increased intake runner area and is capable of 800+ hp operating in the 3,500-8,000 rpm range. Includes machined fuel injector bosses and carburetor mounted style throttle bracket is recommended.

Installation Notes:
  • Throttle Body Recommendation: Edelbrock 350-39783
  • Use Edelbrock fuel rail kit 350-3649
  • Recommended intake gasket: LS7 style individual port o-ring seals
  • Uses standard intake Edelbrock bolt kit 350-8515
  • Manifold height: 8.42"; Carb pad height: 8.42". Carb height (CH) for this manifold is measured from the valley cover flange to the carb pad
  • Port exit dimensions machine matched: 1.34" x 2.38"


  • Specifications:

    RPM Range: 3500-8000
    Number Of Carbs: None, For Fuel Injection
    Emission: Without EGR
    Usage: Racing
    Position: N/A
    Engine Make/Size: Chevy LS7
    Cylinder Head Type: LS7
    Manufacturer's Part Number: 28905

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