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This cam is primarily intended for truck applications with a 4.8 or 5.3 engine. In these applications it will provide an aggressive idle and provide power in the 3000 to 6500 RPM range without a significant loss of bottom end torque. A torque converter with a stall speed from 2400 to 3200 RPM is suggested for best results.

This cam can also be used in 6.0 truck applications where someone is looking for a milder cam that will provide good low end torque and drivability and still provide a good boost in power over the stock cam. A torque converter in the 2200 to 2800 RPM range is suggested for this cam in a 6.0.

Specs are 218/226 .604"/.604" 113+2

Brand: EPS
Length: 24.875
Height: 2.5
Width: 2.5
Engine Type: GM Truck
Cam Style: Hydraulic Roller

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