Fast LSXRT 102mm Truck Intake Manifold Rectangle Port Heads

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Brand FAST
SKU: 146602B


25 HP Bolt-On Gains for '99+ GM Trucks/SUV's w/ Cathedral Port Heads

Injection Molded Polymer Intake
Rectangle Port Heads Equipped Applications

High HP intake runners from FAST® are now available in a complete all-out race manifold package. Building upon the popular LSXR™ intake manifold, this LSXRT™ version gives LS3 engines with rectangle-port cylinder heads even more plenum volume for all-out racing. Best suited for high-RPM race engines, this manifold creates proven gains of 30+ horsepower over the FAST® LS3 Street Manifold at high RPM. The raised 102mm throttle body location optimizes the larger, less restrictive High HP runner design, creating more power. It also clears truck drive accessories.

The LSXRT™ is constructed from a proprietary precision injection molded polymer which offers many benefits, including lighter weight, greater strength and lower heat soak propensity. While it features a 102mm air inlet that was designed for the FAST™ Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body™, it can also be used with OEM electronic 78/90mm or aftermarket 90/92mm throttle bodies (three-bolt electronic throttle bodies require an adapter). Other features include integrated nitrous bungs and a precise bolt-on fit that permits the use of factory accessories and OEM fuel/emission connections without adjustments or clearance issues.

  • 25 HP gain when used w/ 102mm Big Mouth Throttle Body™ on a stock 6.0L truck engine

  • Constructed from proprietary precision injection molded polymer;  Lighter than aluminum w/ lower heat soak propensity & greater strength over stock molded intake

  • Innovative multi-layer design w/ removable runners for quick & easy disassembly & porting

  • Integrated nitrous bungs; plug-and-play w/ Zex direct port nitrous systems

  • Patented Design - U.S. Patent No 8,567,366

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