Tick Performance AFM (DOD) Delete Kit for LS Engines

$409.99 $404.99

SKU: 5065TP-1

None of our Tick Performance Elite Series Camshafts are designed to work with Active Fuel Management (AFM, also known as Displacement on Demand or DOD), so you'll need to order this kit to install at the same time as our camshaft unless you've already deleted this system.  This Kit comes with everything you need, including:

  • GM LS3 Valley Cover (Truck or Car Style)
  • GM LS2/LS3/LS7/L98 Lifter Trays
  • GM Replacement Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • GM Replacement Cylinder Head Bolts
  • GM LS2 PCV Hose
  • Tick Performance PCV Cap
  • GM LS7 Lifters (Full Set of 16)

Installation of this kit requires removal of both cylinder heads in addition to your camshaft install.

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