Tick Performance Square Port Stroker Cam Stage 1

$429.99 $389.99


Tick Performance proudly offers our Elite Series of Camshafts designed specifically for 400+ci stroker engines with square port heads. Heads such as GM and aftermarket LS3! Using the latest and greatest technology available, we've put together a complete line of Camshafts that are designed to meet every goal, from mild to wild. Our Elite Series of Camshafts are all manufactured by Cam Motion and are updated with a new version every time an advancement in valvetrain technology becomes available, so they're ALWAYS cutting-edge! These cams are not intented to be used with stock pistons. Valve reliefs will be required in order to use these camshafts. 

Tick Performance Square Port Stroker Stage 1 Camshaft 
232/244 | .635”/.620” | LSA111+2

Designed for:  400-472" LS Engines w/ LS3 port cylinder heads
Basic Operating RPM Range:  
Aftermarket Headers Required:
  Yes, Longtube Style
Stall Converter Required:  
Yes, 3600+RPM
Rear Gear Upgrade Required:  Suggested for maximum performance (3.73+ for manual transmissions and automatic)
Works Well with Nitrous:  
Yes (shot size less than 200)
Will Pass Most Smog Emissions:

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