Tick Performance VVT Delete Kit for LS Engines

$129.99 $109.99

SKU: 5075TP

None of our Tick Performance Elite Series Camshafts are designed to work with Variable Valve Timing (VVT), so you'll need to order this kit to install at the same time as our camshaft unless you've already deleted this system.  This Kit comes with everything you need, including: 


GM LS2/LS3 (Non VVT) Timing Cover

GM LS2/LS3 (Non VVT) Cam Sensor

GM 3-Bolt Cam Gear (with the correct 4X Reluctor)

ARP 3-Bolt Camshaft Bolt Kit


This kit is designed to be installed in tandem with our Tick Performance AFM (DOD) Delete Kit for LS Engines while you're upgrading to an aftermarket camshaft.  If you're planning to install this kit by itself, you'll also want to purchase a replacement Timing Cover Gasket and Timing Cover Seal.

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